Herniated Disc Treatment in Opelousas, Louisiana

Unexplained Back Pain?

Do you have back pain that is radiating to your legs? Do you feel numbness or tingling in your arm or sharp pain in your neck? Have you recently moved large boxes or other objects? If you have unexplained back or neck pain, you may have a herniated disc.

Know Your Symptoms

As you age, your risk for a herniated or ruptured disc increases. A disc may rupture if you twist or turn to lift something or if you bend to carry a heavy load incorrectly. Symptoms of a herniated disc in the lower back include radiating pain from your back down into the legs, similar to sciatica. They also include a burning sensation in your back and legs and numbness or tingling. If you have a ruptured disc in your neck, you may feel that same numbness, tingling, or radiating pain through your neck, shoulders, and arms.
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Our Treatment Options

No matter the symptoms you experience, herniated discs are uncomfortable and agonizing. With the help of George Raymond Williams, M.D. LLC, you don’t have to live with the pain. We offer a variety of nonsurgical treatment options to resolve your injury. In the majority of cases, patients feel vast improvement and relief with anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy.
If this treatment path does not resolve your pain, we also offer surgical care. Whatever your circumstance, we will work with you to choose the best treatment option to meet your needs.

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If you are experiencing back or neck pain, don’t wait for it to pass. Call our office, and get the treatment and relief you need. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you have about your pain and work with you to schedule an appointment.